SEC schedules Nov 5 open meeting on shareholder engagement

The SEC has announced an upcoming Open Meeting, the subject matter of which will be the SEC’s continued efforts to facilitate constructive shareholder engagement and enhance transparency, improve disclosures, and increase confidence in the proxy process. The specific matters to be considered are:

  1. Whether to propose amendments to the proxy solicitation rules that would provide for disclosure of material conflicts of interest and set forth procedures to facilitate issuer and shareholder engagement, to provide clarity to market participants, and to improve the information provided to investors.
  2. Whether to propose amendments to the shareholder proposal rules to modernize the submission and resubmission requirements and to update procedural requirements.

In addition, the subject matter of the Open Meeting will also include the SEC’s continued efforts to modernize the regulatory framework for investment advisers and enhance information to investors. The specific matter to be considered is:

  1. Whether to propose amendments under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to rules 206(4)-1 and 206(4)-3, the rules that prohibit certain investment adviser advertisements and payments to solicitors, respectively.

The Open Meeting is scheduled for November 5 at 10 am.