George Michael Gerstein

George Michael Gerstein advises financial institutions on the fiduciary and prohibited transaction provisions of ERISA. As co-chair of the fiduciary governance group, he assists clients with tracking, and understanding, the numerous fiduciary developments at the federal and state levels, including the rules and regulations of governmental plans. He also advises clients with respect to the fiduciary duty implications of ESG investing.

Retirement security remains key topic for Congress

ESG investing is ‘skyrocketing’

A recent Opimas report indicates that ESG investing (across strategies) “is skyrocketing,” and they estimate that the market “grew to more than $30 trillion in 2018,” which will “rise to $35 trillion by 2020.”

Larry Stadulis talks to Fund Fire regarding the shortcomings of Nevada’s fiduciary proposal

Larry Stadulis recently spoke with Fund Fire regarding the new Nevada proposal imposing fiduciary duties on broker-dealers. He notes, in part, that the proposal fails to identify clear lines between non-fiduciary recommendations and investment advice.

Reminder: Comment letters to Nevada re. proposed fiduciary duties on broker-dealers due in one month

New focus on best ex

Britian’s The Investment Association seeks uniform definitions of “ESG” and “sustainable investment”

Is Regulation Best Interest coming soon?

Framing the ESG issue for ERISA fiduciaries

George Michael Gerstein to Compliance Reporter: “The trap doors for broker-dealers to become fiduciaries under the proposed [Nevada] regulation is something that concerns us.”

Stradley’s analysis featured as part of overview of 2019 fiduciary developments