George Michael Gerstein

George Michael Gerstein advises financial institutions on the fiduciary and prohibited transaction provisions of ERISA. As co-chair of the fiduciary governance group, he assists clients with tracking, and understanding, the numerous fiduciary developments at the federal and state levels, including the rules and regulations of governmental plans. He also advises clients with respect to the fiduciary duty implications of ESG investing.

Do hedge funds and ESG make a good couple?

Bloomberg is reporting on how at least some hedge funds are attempting to account for environmental, social & governance (ESG) risks. This asset class has been a particularly tricky one to incorporate ESG factors, and other reports suggest that while institutional investors are clearly asking or pressing their hedge fund managers to address ESG issues, it seems that the hedge fund managers themselves are still trying to sort out just how ESG integration, for instance, can be used by a hedge fund. The article also reveals how terminology around ESG continues to be an issue.

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SEC adopts new standards of conduct rulemaking

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The time has come for the SEC’s new standards of conduct package

The public hearing begins at 10 am EDT today and can be streamed.

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