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House bills receive bipartisan support to reform investment adviser regulation

George Michael Gerstein sits down with Bloomberg Law to discuss fiduciary implications of ESG

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401(k) plan fiduciaries reportedly better off in high litigation environment

George Michael Gerstein talks to InvestmentNews about state fiduciary developments

Here is part of an interview I gave to InvestmentNews on what’s happening at the state legislative/enforcement level regarding the regulation of investment advice to retail investors.

Callan data further highlights low utilization of ESG within DC plans

DC plan fiduciaries evidently remain skeptical of ESG investment options within DC plans (public and private). There are myriad explanations for this gap between DC plans and other institutional investors, including, but not limited to, fiduciary duty concerns. In fact, Callan’s excellent ESG/DC plan surveys show fiduciary duty concerns are receding in the minds of fiduciaries. Nevertheless, adoption rates remain relatively low. Here is an update from Callan.

Asset management fees continue downward trajectory

A recent Cerulli report points to the continuation of fee compression.

Happy Fourth of July from the Fiduciary Governance Group

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