George Michael Gerstein discusses additional DOL guidance and state activity with Investment Advisor magazine

I remarked to Melanie Waddell that the “nature and timing” of the promised DOL guidance in the aftermath of the Fiduciary Rule remains uncertain and discussed what we can expect from the states now that we have a better sense of where they may be going. The interview is in the August edition of Investment Advisor magazine.

More large companies are voluntarily enhancing their board composition presentations and disclosing investor engagement, reports Pensions & Investments

Statement of SEC commissioner-nominee Elad Roisman

Elad Roisman, the President’s nominee to be the next SEC commissioner, is testifying today before the Senate Banking Committee (the committee for which he serves as Chief Counsel). Here is his written statement. Should he be confirmed, he would succeed Michael Piwowar, and could play a significant role regarding the Standards of Conduct Proposal.