Fiduciary Governance Group featured in InsuranceNewsNet Magazine regarding the multiple “best interest” legislative and regulatory state proposals on annuity sales

InsuranceNewsNet Magazine just published an insightful article on the various state best interest proposals regarding annuity and insurance sales within the broader NAIC context. The Fiduciary Governance Group’s analysis was featured.

Company boards are facing greater pressure to disclose climate risks

As reported in The Wall Street Journal, companies are preparing to receive a record number climate-related shareholder proposals this proxy season, as major institutional investors, most notably, State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock, seek more disclosure on how climate change will affect the company’s operations. While disclosure remains voluntary and inconsistent, the SEC does not seem inclined at this time to mandate added disclosure requirements specific to climate change. Numerous institutional investors, particularly those who are fiduciaries, view climate change as presenting a material risk to portfolio performance, as well as a source of alpha.

SCOTUS to hear case on 401(k) lineup heavy with private equity funds, hedge funds and other alternatives?

Bloomberg Law is reporting that Intel is asking the US Supreme Court to take up the Ninth Circuit’s ruling that ERISA’s statute of limitations doesn’t run until the participant has actual knowledge of an ERISA violation. Intel has been challenged under ERISA for the amount of exposure participants had to private equity funds, hedge funds and commodities.