Waiting for the next (state) shoe to drop

Stradley Ronon’s Fiduciary Governance Group cited for identifying state-wide trends on fiduciary legislation

The Fiduciary Governance Group’s tracking and analysis of the various state fiduciary developments was referenced in a recent planadviser article on New Jersey’s new proposal.

Bill Mandia and George Michael Gerstein discuss the race for fiduciary regulation at the federal and state levels

Bill Mandia presents at National Conference of Insurance Legislators on fiduciary developments

As previewed by ThinkAdvisor, Bill Mandia presented this past weekend at the National Conference of Insurance Legislators Spring Meeting in Nashville. Accompanying Rep. Joe Fischer (KY) and Rep. Martin Carbaugh (IN), Bill discussed the federal and state approaches to the sale of annuities and other retirement savings products.

Fiduciary Governance Group featured in InsuranceNewsNet Magazine regarding the multiple “best interest” legislative and regulatory state proposals on annuity sales

InsuranceNewsNet Magazine just published an insightful article on the various state best interest proposals regarding annuity and insurance sales within the broader NAIC context. The Fiduciary Governance Group’s analysis was featured.

NAIC & Regulation Best Interest

Stradley’s analysis featured as part of overview of 2019 fiduciary developments

Bill Mandia discusses whether NAIC may propose best interest standard

NAIC members will be meeting on Saturday to discuss whether to adopt a suitability-plus or best interest model rule for the sale of annuities. Bill Mandia weighs in in the context of the recently finalized New York rule.

Bill Mandia discusses potential application of fiduciary standard to annuity sales

Bill Mandia discusses New York’s “best interest” rule for annuities with Citywire

Litigator, and Fiduciary Governance Group member, Bill Mandia discusses the high bar New York recently set regarding the sale of annuities and life insurance products.